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Num A B
1 Way (unknown country)
10 Betty Zain (USA)
100 Fold (unknown country)
100 Portraits (unknown country)
12 Stones (USA)
12th Tribe (USA)
2 Die 4 (unknown country)
20/20 Blind (USA)
2540 (USA)
26days till freedom (unknown country)
274 (USA)
2lb Planet (USA)
2TM2,3 (Poland)
3 Car Pile-Up (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
3 Day Grave (USA)
3.1 (unknown country)
38th Parallel (USA)
3:16 (USA)
3PO (unknown country)
3rd Day (United Kingdom)
3rd Day Rising (United Kingdom)
3rd Root (USA)
40DT (unknown country)
44 Evergiven (Virginia, USA)
440 (unknown country)
441 (California, USA)
4Eternity (USA)
5 Bucks $hort (Springfield, Ohio, USA)
5 Story Fall (unknown country)
7 & 7 Is (USA)
7 Angels 7 Plagues (USA)
7 Doors Down (USA)
7 Knots Crain (unknown country)
7 Method, The (USA)
7-10 Split (Georgia, USA)
70 Weeks (unknown country)
77's (USA)
77's, The (USA)
77s (USA)
7th Vision (unknown country)
8 Ball Cholos (Virginia, USA)
9 on Saturday (Texas, USA)
9th Wave (unknown country)
The 13th Tribe (unknown country)
A.D.H.O.C. (unknown country)
a.m. Drive (USA)
A.W.A.S. (Germany)
a2d (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Abbington (Kansas City, Kansas, USA)
Abhor Evil (unknown country)
Able Cain (USA)
Abner Trio (unknown country)
Abstain (unknown country)
Absurd² (Sweden)
Abwhore (Marietta, Georgia, USA)
Acceptance (Seattle, Washington, USA)
According to John (Fayetteville, Georgia, USA)
Ace Troubleshooter (Plymouth, Minnesota, USA)
Acer (unknown country)
ACID (unknown country)
Acoustic Shack (USA)
Acoustic Torment (Germany)
Acoustic War Against Satan (Germany)
Across Five Aprils (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)
Acrylic Warfare (unknown country)
Active Ingredients (USA)
Adam (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
Adam Again (USA)
Adiastasia (Brazil)
Admonish (Sweden)
Advocate (Colorado, USA)
Aeon's Promise (USA)
Aeturnus (unknown country)
Afewloosescrews (USA)
Afterglo (unknown country)
Afters, The (USA)
Aftertaste (South Africa)
Against the Flow (unknown country)
Agape (unknown country)
Agape (USA) (metal from Oregon)
Age of Faith (unknown country)
Aggression (USA)
Aggressive Change (USA)
Agnostia (Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, USA)
Agony Scene (USA)
Aion (Norway)
Airbag (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Aislinn (USA)
Ajalon (unknown country)
Akacia (unknown country)
Akeldama (USA) (death metal)
Akeldama (USA) (heavy metal)
Akryal (USA)
Alarm, The (Wales, United Kingdom)
Ric Alba (California, USA)
Aleixa (USA)
Aletheian (Pennsylvania, USA)
Eric Alexandrakis (unknown country)
Alien Chain (Australia)
Alive through Death (USA)
All Access (USA)
All American Radio (unknown country)
All Day Drive (unknown country)
All Star United (USA)
All Wound Up (USA)
Allegiance (Illinois, USA)
Allentown (unknown country)
Allies (unknown country)
Almonzo (unknown country)
Aloha Fridays, The (unknown country)
Alone (unknown country)
Alove for Enemies (Long Island, New York, USA)
Altar Boys (California, USA)
Altar of the King (unknown country)
Altered Mission (unknown country)
Altered Soul (USA)
Altered, The (unknown country)
Alternative Worship (California, USA)
Rick Altizer (USA)
Ambient Theology (USA)
America Gomorrah (USA)
American Culture eXperiments, The (USA)
American Made (USA)
American Tragedy (unknown country)
Amethyst (Newman Lake, Washington, USA)
Amined (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Among Thorns (USA)
Amos (Texas, USA)
Amos (Brazil)
Anaemia (Sweden)
Anah Aevia (USA)
Analog Orange (unknown country)
Anam Cara (Florida, USA)
Anaphylaxis (unknown country)
Aaron Anastasi (USA)
Anathallo (Michigan, USA)
Anberlin (Winter Park, Florida, USA)
Anchor (USA)
Ancient of Days (USA)
Ancient Prophecy (Germany)
Angel 7 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Angelica (Ottawa, Canada)
Angelrage (USA)
Angry Atom (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Angry Einsteins (USA)
Angry Little Freak (USA)
Anguish Unsaid (USA)
aNi (unknown country)
Anne Hutchinson (USA)
Annie (Cleveland, Tennessee, USA)
Annointing (unknown country)
Antestor (Norway)
Anthem (unknown country)
Anthym (San Juan Capistrano, California, USA)
Antic (unknown country)
Anticrisis (USA)
Antidemon (Brazil)
Antidote (USA)
Antioch (unknown country)
Antiskeptic (Australia)
Antithesis (USA)
Any Given Day (USA)
Anywhere but Down (unknown country)
Apart from Within (unknown country)
Apathy Denied (unknown country)
Apeiron (Brazil)
Aphorism (unknown country)
Apocalypse (USA)
ApologetiX (USA)
Apostle (USA)
Applebath (USA)
Applehead (USA)
Appleseed Cast (Kansas, USA)
Appleseed Cast, The (Kansas, USA)
Apprentice, The (USA)
April Sixth (California, USA)
Arbitrage (unknown country)
Arcanjo (Brazil)
Arch Rivals, The (unknown country)
Iain Archer (unknown country)
Archer (USA)
Archetype (Brecksville, Ohio, USA)
Argyle Park (USA)
ArkAngel (unknown country)
Arkport (unknown country)
Armada (USA)
Armageddon (USA)
Armageddon Holocaust (Indonesia)
Armia (Poland)
Armistice Day (USA)
Armor of God (USA)
Aroma (Australia)
Arrakis (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Arsenal (USA)
Arson Portrait, The (Liberty Township, Ohio, USA)
Arthur ()
Arvinger (Norway)
As Cities Burn (Louisiana, USA)
As I Lay Dying (USA)
As I Saw Love (unknown country)
Asarela (unknown country)
Ascension (unknown country)
Ascension (Santa Cruz, California, USA)
Ash Wednesday (unknown country)
Ashen Mortality (United Kingdom)
Ashes (USA)
Ashes Fall (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Ashes Remain (USA)
Ashes to Ashes (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Ashfall (unknown country)
Asight Unseen (California, USA)
Ask Alice (France)
Aslan (unknown country)
Aspiration (Norway)
Aster (unknown country)
Astronaut (USA)
At Peace While Burning (Warsaw, Indiana, USA)
Athan Asia (Canada)
Atomic Opera (USA)
Atonement (unknown country)
Attention (unknown country)
Atticus Fault (unknown country)
Audible Campaign, The (unknown country)
Audio Adrenaline (USA)
Audio Paradox (unknown country)
Audiovision (Sweden)
Audity (USA)
Augenkristall (unknown country)
August Burns Red (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA)
August Moons (unknown country)
Aunt Bettys (USA)
Aunt Bettys, The (USA)
Autovoice (unknown country)
Autumn Tribe (unknown country)
Autumn War (Lisle, Illinois, USA)
Autumn War, The (USA)
Autumn's Descent (USA)
Autumn's Embrace (unknown country)
Autumns, The (unknown country)
Avenger of Blood (USA)
Average Joe Aspiring (unknown country)
Avondale (USA)
Awake (unknown country)
Awakening, The (Canada)
Awakening, The (South Africa)
Awful Truth, The (Houston, Texas, USA)
Ayenna (Sweden)
Kevin Ayers (unknown country)
Azbuk (Brazil)
Azitis (USA)
Azmaveth (Puerto Rico)
Azure Skies (unknown country)
A Plea for Purging (USA)
Ängst (unknown country)
B.O.W.A. (unknown country)
Babylon Mystery Orchestra (unknown country)
Backups, The (USA)
Backwoods (unknown country)
Bad Little Duck (France)
Bagwell (unknown country)
Wendy Bailey (unknown country)
Balaam's Miracle (unknown country)
Balaam's Talking Mule (Minnesota, USA)
Balance of Power (unknown country)
Ballydowse (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Barebones (USA)
Barlow Girl (USA)
Barnabas (USA)
Norman Barratt (unknown country)
Barren Cross (California, USA)
Bash (unknown country)
Bash N the Code (unknown country)
Bathtub Mary (Kansas City, Kansas, USA)
Battalion (unknown country)
Battered Fish (Australia)
Battery (unknown country)
Bealiah (Indonesia)
Beanbag (USA)
Beautiful Mistake, The (Riverside, California, USA)
Beauty for Ashes (New Jersey, USA) (goth)
Beauty for Ashes (unknown country) (goth-folk-pop)
Beauty in the Midst of Pain (USA)
Beauty Lies Bleeding (USA)
Beauty to Ashes (unknown country)
Margaret Becker (USA)
Becoming the Archetype (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Bedatra Dezum (Dripping Springs, Texas, USA)
Dave Beegle (USA)
Michael Been (Oklahoma, USA)
Before Today (Barrington, Illinois, USA)
Beggar's Table (Manhattan, Kansas, USA)
Beheaded (Mexico)
Beheadoth (Australia)
Beheld (USA)
Behind the Seen (unknown country)
Belica (Brazil)
Believable Picnic (USA)
Believe (USA)
Believer (Pennsylvania, USA)
Believing in June (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Beloved (North Carolina, USA)
Benea Reach (Norway)
Benevolence (USA)
Benjamin (unknown country)
Benjamin Gate, The (South Africa)
David Benson (unknown country)
Berith (Brazil)
Berlin Project, The (unknown country)
Bestiary (Michigan, USA)
Bethesda Pool (unknown country)
Betrayal (USA)
Betrayer (unknown country)
Betroth (unknown country)
Between Thieves (Keller, Texas, USA)
Big 13 (USA)
Big Al's Swing Kids (USA)
Big Dog Small Fence (unknown country)
Big Face Grace (unknown country)
Big Faith (Canada)
Big Methusaleh (unknown country)
Bigtime Nobody (unknown country)
Biib (unknown country)
Billions, The (Topeka, Kansas, USA)
Billy Penn's Brother (unknown country)
Biogenesis (USA)
Bionic Jodi (unknown country)
Bishop Garden (Sweden)
Bittersweet Way, The (unknown country)
Black and White World (USA)
Black Carnation (USA)
Black Cherry Soda (USA)
Black Eyed Sceva (USA)
Blackball (USA)
blackcherrysoda (USA)
Blackhouse (USA)
Scott Blackwell (USA)
Blah (USA)
Blame Lucy (USA)
Blamed Is Dead, The (USA)
Blamed, The (USA)
Blank (Finland)
Blank Face (unknown country)
Blank Logic (USA)
Blaster the Rocket Man (Indiana, USA)
Blaster the Rocketboy (Indiana, USA)
Bleach (USA)
Bleakwail (Finland)
Bleed the Inkwell (unknown country)
Bleed, The (USA)
Bleedience (Norway)
Blenderhead (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Bless (Brazil)
Blessed by a Broken Heart (Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Canada)
Blessed Light (unknown country)
Blind Influence (USA)
Blindside (Sweden)
Blindside (Pennsylvania, USA)
Bliss (unknown country)
Bliss Bliss (unknown country)
Blisse (USA)
Blissed (USA)
Bloedoffer (The Netherlands)
Blood-N-Fire (unknown country)
Bloodgood (USA)
Bloodline (unknown country)
Bloodline Severed (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA)
Bloodlined Calligraphy (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA)
Bloodshed (USA)
Bloodwork (United Kingdom)
Bloody Cross (Germany)
Bloody Sunday (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)
Bloomsday (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Blue in the Face (unknown country)
Blue Letter, The (Sacramento, California, USA)
Bluetronic (unknown country)
Blushing Well (USA)
BNB All-Stars (USA)
Boanerges (Argentina)
Bob (unknown country)
Boba (unknown country)
Boba Phett (unknown country)
Magnus Bodin (Sweden)
Edson Boleti (Brazil)
Bomb Bay Babies (Hollywood, California, USA)
Bomb Squad (USA)
Bombing Adam (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
Bon Voyage (California, USA)
Bondservant (California, USA)
Bonescan (Slidell, Louisiana, USA)
Boogie Machine (unknown country)
Booley (United Kingdom)
Borgazur (The Netherlands)
Born Blind (San Diego, California, USA)
Heath Bottomly (unknown country)
Joshua Bourke (USA)
C. Charles Bowden (USA)
Bowels of Judas, The (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Box, The (unknown country)
Boy Wunder (USA)
Boy-O-Boy (unknown country)
Scott Bradley (unknown country)
Brainchild (Farmingdale, New York, USA)
Brainwash Projects (USA)
Brain[FAQ] (Germany)
Brandtson (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Brandy (unknown country)
Alan Braun (USA)
Brave (Brazil)
Brave New World (unknown country)
Brave Saint Saturn (USA)
Brave, The (USA)
Brazen Serpent (USA)
Breakfast with Amy (California, USA)
Breath of Life (USA)
Bride (Kentucky, USA)
Bridgeshadows (USA)
Briertone (USA)
Brighton (USA)
Brimstone (Australia)
Britannika (unknown country)
Broadcast, The (USA)
Brodie Kagstarr (Kansas, USA)
Broken (unknown country)
Broken Cedars (unknown country)
Broken Free (USA)
Broken Silence (California, USA)
Broken Silence (Hawaii, USA)
Broken Yoke (Lima, Ohio, USA)
Broomtree (unknown country)
Brother Bob (Texas, USA)
Browbeats (USA)
Ryan Brown (unknown country)
Brush Heap Prophets (Evansville, Indiana, USA)
Bubblebaby Experience, The (unknown country)
Buck (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA)
Buck Enterprises (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA)
Buckledown (Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA)
Buddy Ruckus (unknown country)
Builder (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
Building 429 (USA)
Bumblepuppy (unknown country)
Bunch of Believers (USA)
Burial Sarkikos (Brazil)
Burlap to Cashmere (unknown country)
Burning Heart (unknown country)
Bushbaby (Bristol, England, United Kingdom)
Steve Butler (unknown country)
By the Tree (USA)
C-Force (unknown country)
C.H.C. (unknown country)
C.P.S. (unknown country)
Cadence (USA)
Cadet (USA)
Caedmon's Call (USA)
CafFiends (USA)
Calibretto (Kokomo, Indiana, USA)
Calibretto 13 (Kokomo, Indiana, USA)
Calicoes, The (USA)
Call, The (Oklahoma, USA)
Callisto (Finland)
Callous (Australia)
Calvin's Dream (unknown country)
Jeremy Camp (unknown country)
Steve Camp (unknown country)
Campsite (Denmark)
Candelabro (Brazil)
Canterbury Effect (Brazil, Indiana, USA)
Cape Renewal (Goshen, Indiana, USA)
Caprill (USA)
Caprill And My Sister's Garden (USA)
Carbon Based Lifeform (unknown country)
Bob Carlisle (USA)
Rex Carroll (Illinois, USA)
Carry the Dead (Florida, USA)
Caspian Hum (unknown country)
Cast in Stone (USA)
Castahead (Racine, Wisconsin, USA)
Catalyst (unknown country)
Catrabbits (Finland)
Caul (USA)
Ceasefire (Sydney, Australia)
Celebrity (USA)
Center Point (USA)
Century Sleeper (USA)
Cerebral Noize (Bellevue, Washington, USA)
Chagall Guevara (USA)
Chagrin (USA)
Chains of Bondage (unknown country)
Greg Chaisson (USA)
Chalice (Florida, USA)
Eric Champion (USA)
Champion Birdwatchers (USA)
Chandelle (Hawaii, USA)
Change (unknown country)
Change Thursday (unknown country)
Channel Surfers, The (USA)
Chaos Is the Poetry (USA)
Steven Curtis Chapman (USA)
Chariot, The (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Charizma (Sweden)
Chase (unknown country)
Chasing Furies (unknown country)
Chasing Victory (Camilla, Georgia, USA)
Chasm (USA)
Chatterbox (USA)
Chevelle (USA)
Children of Promise (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Children of the Consuming Fire (USA)
Choir, The (California, USA)
Choo Choo Pye (unknown country)
Chosen, The (unknown country)
Chozen (Maryville, Tennessee, USA)
Chryztyne (unknown country)
Ciana (Georgia, USA)
Circle of Dust (USA)
Circumcised, The (Germany)
Claire's Audience (unknown country)
Clamatorius (Brazil)
Clan Diah (unknown country)
Clan of Jubal (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Clang Quartet (USA)
Clash of Symbols (USA)
Clay (USA)
Kevin Clay (USA)
Cleaners (USA)
Clear (unknown country)
Clear Convictions (Puerto Rico)
Clear, The (unknown country)
Clearview (Plano, Texas, USA)
Clemency (Brazil)
Clergy, The (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Clever (unknown country)
Clint K Band (Lawrence, Kansas, USA)
Clockwork Universe (USA)
Closing Skyline, A (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Cloud Merchants (USA)
Cloud2Ground (unknown country)
Coarse (unknown country)
Code of Ethics (USA)
Codigo Penal (Costa Rica)
Coexist (USA)
Coleman's, The (unknown country)
Colemans, The (unknown country)
Color Theory (USA)
Colossal Spin (unknown country)
Column 5 (unknown country)
Combat Chuck (USA)
Combat Junkies, The (USA)
Comeback Kid (Canada)
Common Bond (unknown country)
Common Children (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Common Yet Forbidden (Orlando, Florida, USA)
Company, The (unknown country)
Concrete (Ashford, Connecticut, USA)
Concussion (unknown country)
Confession of Faith (unknown country)
Confine (unknown country)
Consecrate (Tipp City, Ohio, USA)
Consecrator (Wichita Falls, Texas, USA)
Consider the Blameless (unknown country)
Contagious (USA)
Contender (unknown country)
Conviction (USA)
Cool Hand Luke (USA)
Alice Cooper (unknown country)
Cope (USA)
Copeland (USA)
Corbans, The (USA)
Lanny Cordola (USA)
Coriolis (Pennsylvania, USA)
Cornerstone (unknown country)
Corpse (USA)
Cough (unknown country)
Count the Cost (USA)
Cowboys & Monsters (unknown country)
Cpt. Nemo (Ohio, USA)
CR33 (unknown country)
Kemper Crabb (unknown country)
Cradle->Grave (Australia)
Cradle/Grave (Australia)
Craig's Brother (USA)
Crash Rickshaw (USA)
Crashdog (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Crawlspace (USA)
Crayon (Austell, Georgia, USA)
Creation of Death (Poland)
Creed (Germany)
Creepy Jesus (unknown country)
Crestfall (The Netherlands)
Cricket (unknown country)
Crime Horse (USA)
Crimson (USA)
Crimson Covenant (Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA)
Crimson Flood (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Crimson Moonlight (Sweden)
Crimson Stained (USA)
Crimson Thorn (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Crockpot Oatmeal (unknown country)
Crocodiles (unknown country)
Cronic (Battle Ground, Washington, USA)
Crooked Smile (Georgia, USA)
Cross, The (Norway)
Crossection (unknown country)
Crossface (Conway, South Carolina, USA)
Crossing, The (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
CrossTronic (USA)
Robin Crow (unknown country)
Crucial Kick (Australia)
Crucifer (unknown country)
Cruciferae (Finland)
Crucified, The (Fresno, California, USA)
Crucifix (unknown country)
Cruiserweights, The (unknown country)
Stephen Crumbächer (unknown country)
Crumbächer (USA)
Cindy Cruse (USA)
Crutch (Pennsylvania, USA)
Crux (Australia)
Crux (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Cry Holy (USA)
Cry Mercy (Australia)
Cry, The (unknown country)
Crystavox (unknown country)
Rick Cua (USA)
Culprits, The (Florida, USA)
Cult of Jester (unknown country)
Culture Whore (unknown country)
Curbsquirrels (USA)
Curious Fools (USA)
Cush (California, USA)
Custom Deluxe (unknown country)
Custom Toast (unknown country)
Cut Shallow (unknown country)
Cybergrind (Australia)
Cyberhalo (USA)
Cybershadow (unknown country)
D'Gruve (Indiana, USA)
D-Tailz (unknown country)
D.A.S. (USA)
D.O.C. (USA)
D.O.X. (unknown country)
Da (California, USA)
Daemongrinder (USA)
Dagon (Michigan, USA)
Daily Special, The (unknown country)
Dakoda (USA)
Dakoda Motor Co. (USA)
Dakona (Canada)
Dam Shoah (Guatemala)
Damask Rose (unknown country)
Dance of the Porcupines (unknown country)
DanceHouse Children (California, USA)
Danes, The (unknown country)
Daniel Amos (California, USA)
Daniel Band (Canada)
The Daniel Band (Canada)
Daniel's Window (unknown country)
Danielson (New Jersey, USA)
Dark Endless (USA)
Dark Lay Still (California, USA)
Darkfield Illuminator (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Darkness Before Dawn (Glendale, Arizona, USA)
Dashboard Confessional (Florida, USA)
Dashboard Saint (unknown country)
Derri Daugherty (California, USA)
Daven (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
David and the Giants (USA)
David's Secret (unknown country)
Day of Atonement (unknown country)
Day of Disaster (Denmark)
Day of Fire (USA)
Daybreak (Shawnee, Kansas, USA)
Days To Break (Bonney Lake, Washington, USA)
dba (United Kingdom)
DBG's, The (unknown country)
DC Talk (Virginia, USA)
Dead 2 Life (Australia)
Dead Artist Syndrome (USA)
Dead Pharisees (Alaska, USA)
Dead Poetic (Dayton, Ohio, USA)
Deadlines, The (Aloha, Oregon, USA)
Deadrise (unknown country)
Deal, The (Chino, California, USA)
Dear (unknown country)
Dear Ephesus (Orlando, Florida, USA)
Dear Mary (unknown country)
Death Campaign, The (USA)
Death Defying Leap (unknown country)
Death List (unknown country)
Death of Innocence (USA)
Death Poems (Brazil)
Death Requisite (USA)
Deborah (Mexico)
December's Tragic Drive (Studio City, California, USA)
Deceptive Resolution (unknown country)
Decision D (The Netherlands)
Declaration (unknown country)
Decree (unknown country)
Defenders of the Faith (USA)
Defyance (unknown country)
Eddie DeGarmo (USA)
DeGarmo & Key (USA)
Deitiphobia (USA)
Delirious? (United Kingdom)
Deliver (Brazil)
Deliverance (California, USA)
Dell Griffiths, The (USA)
Delorean (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)
Delta Haymax (USA)
Deluxtone Rockets, The (USA)
Demize (USA)
Demon Hunter (USA)
Demoniciduth (Switzerland)
Dendrography (unknown country)
Michelle Deneen & Warriors (unknown country)
Denison Marrs (USA)
Andy Denton (unknown country)
Deracination (Australia)
Derron's Tuba (unknown country)
Descend to Rise (unknown country)
Desert Voice (unknown country)
Desertor (Brazil)
Desolate Eternity (unknown country)
Destination Known (USA)
Destra (Brazil)
Detonation (Switzerland)
Detritus (United Kingdom)
Deus Invictus (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Deuteronomium (Finland)
Devastation (Brazil)
Devil Scaring Firecrackers, The (Williamsburg, Ohio, USA)
Devoted Molded (USA)
Devout (USA)
Diamondog (unknown country)
Dickens, The (unknown country)
Die Happy (California, USA)
Diehard Youth (unknown country)
Dietrichs, The (unknown country)
DieVersion (South Africa)
Different Kind of Cop, A (unknown country)
Dig Project, The (USA)
DigHayZoose (Kansas, USA)
Dime Store Prophets (USA)
Dingees, The (California, USA)
Dinner Mint (USA)
Dirge (unknown country)
Dirt (unknown country)
Disaffection (Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil)
Discarded, The (California, USA)
Discarnated (Australia)
Discern (unknown country)
Disciple (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Disciple (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
Disciples of Christ (USA)
Discontent (unknown country)
Discover America (USA)
Disctronica (unknown country)
Disencumbrance (unknown country)
Disinternment (USA)
Dismissed (California, USA)
Disparity (unknown country)
Dissident Prophet (unknown country)
Distant (Danville, Alabama, USA)
Distarnish (Brazil)
Disters, The (USA)
Distraught (USA)
Divine Child (USA)
Divine Heretic (unknown country)
Divine Regale (USA)
Divine Right A.D. (Rensselaer, New York, USA)
Divine Symphony (Brazil)
Divinefire (Sweden)
Divinity Pose (unknown country)
Divulgence (Greenville, South Carolina, USA)
Dizmas (USA)
Doctor D (unknown country)
Dodavahu (USA)
Dodgin' Bullets (USA)
Dogbaby (USA)
Dogs of Peace (USA)
Dogwood (Arizona, USA)
Don't Know (Kent, Washington, USA)
Don't Look Down (Berwyn, Illinois, USA)
Donderfliegen (USA)
Dan Donovan (unknown country)
Doppel Kode (unknown country)
Dorkestra, The (unknown country)
Down for Five (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Downfront (USA)
Downhere (unknown country)
Downpour (unknown country)
Doxology (Australia)
Dracma (Brazil)
Drag the Stick (Evansville, Indiana, USA)
Dream of Eden (USA)
Dreamer (unknown country)
Dreamer (Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA)
Dreaming of the Fifth (unknown country)
Dreams Landing (USA)
Driven (unknown country)
Driver 8 (USA)
Driving West (USA)
Drop Dead (Indiana, USA)
Drottnar (Norway)
Dry Bones (USA)
Dryve (USA)
DUCKiE (Waldorf, Maryland, USA)
Duister Maanlicht (The Netherlands)
Dumpstar (Lansing, Illinois, USA)
Dumpster (Brisbane, Australia)
Duraflame (unknown country)
Duraluxe (USA)
Dust (unknown country)
Dust (unknown country) (released Lucid Dreaming)
Dust Eater Dogs (Finland)
Dwell Beneath (North Carolina, USA)
Dynamic Twins (USA)
Dynasty (Brazil)
dä (California, USA)
E-So (USA)
E.T.W. (USA)
Eager (USA)
Earthen Vessel (unknown country)
Earthsuit (USA)
Easement (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
East West (USA)
Ebb Tide (unknown country)
Ebenezer Church (unknown country)
Echo Frequency (USA)
Echo Hollow (USA)
Echocast (unknown country)
Echoing Green, The (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
Eden (USA)
Eden Burning (United Kingdom)
Eden in Ruins (USA)
Eden Regained (USA)
Edge of Mortality (San Diego, California, USA)
Edict (Salem, Oregon, USA)
Edify (San Diego, California, USA)
EDL (California, USA)
Eephus (Tempe, Arizona, USA)
EIC (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Eighth Floor, The (unknown country)
Eisley (USA)
Ekklesiast (Russia)
Jeff Elbel (USA)
Jeff Elbel + Ping (USA)
Elder (Virginia, USA)
Elderstaar (Spokane, Washington, USA)
Electrics, The (unknown country)
Electrik (USA)
Dino Elefante (unknown country)
John Elefante (unknown country)
Element (USA)
Element 101 (USA)
Elevator Division, The (unknown country)
Eleven Hours Down (USA)
Elijah's Ride (unknown country)
Elms, The (USA)
Eloi (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Eluveitie (Switzerland)
Elysian Skies (unknown country)
Ember (Riverside, California, USA)
Embodiment (Australia)
Embodiment 12.14 (Australia)
Embodyment (Arlington, Texas, USA)
Embraced (Florida, USA)
Emerald (Phelan, California, USA)
Emergency, The (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
Emerson Stone (unknown country)
Emery (Greer, South Carolina, USA)
EMH (unknown country)
Emily's Dream (unknown country)
Emit Ridge (Ontario, Canada)
EmoKidJosh (South Africa)
Emotion (Sweden)
Empirechrio (unknown country)
Empty Grave (Brazil)
Empty Tomb (Victoria, Australia)
Empty Tomb (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Enamored (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
Encryptor (Panama)
Endless Flight (unknown country)
Engage (unknown country)
EnGrave (USA)
Enigma (Brazil)
Enitor (USA)
Enlow (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Erase (unknown country)
Erinfall (USA)
Escher (USA)
Ian Eskelin (unknown country)
eso-charis (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Esp Allstars (unknown country)
Espiritual (unknown country)
Ester Drang (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Estis P@rc (unknown country)
Eterna (Brazil)
Eternal Chapter, The (unknown country)
Eternal Decision (USA)
Eternal Faith (USA)
Eternal Ryte (unknown country)
Eternal Youth League (unknown country)
Ethereal Scourge (Australia)
Eudomonia (unknown country)
Gene Eugene (California, USA)
Eustace (Kentucky, USA)
Ev*Angel (unknown country)
Eva O (unknown country)
Eva O Halo Experience (unknown country)
Evan Anthem, The (USA)
Evanescence (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Evanstar (USA)
Evelynn (Texas, USA)
Ever Stays Red (Mesa, Arizona, USA)
ever.burning (unknown country)
Everdown (Manchester, New Hampshire, USA)
Wayne Everett (California, USA)
Evergreen Terrace (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
EverSINcEve (USA)
Every Day Life (California, USA)
Every Man's Hero (unknown country)
Every New Day (unknown country)
Everybodyduck (USA)
Everyday Sunday (USA)
Evig Morke (Norway)
Evisceration (unknown country)
Evoka (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA)
Evonica (unknown country)
Evroklidon (Kiev, Ukraine)
Exalt (unknown country)
Exaudi (Germany)
Excision (Indonesia)
Excurses (Canada)
Excursions, The (unknown country)
Executed, The (USA)
Exegesis (unknown country)
Exeter Flud (Georgia, USA)
Exhumator (unknown country)
Exist (unknown country)
Exit Eden (USA)
Exit Three Sixteen (Overland Park, Kansas, USA)
Exit-180 (USA)
Exlife (unknown country)
eXodo (Brazil)
Exorcism (USA)
Exorcist (unknown country)
Exousia (Mexico)
Extol (Norway)
Eyes Are Bleeding (Florence, Alabama, USA)
Eyes Wide Open (unknown country)
Ezra (unknown country)
F.O.G. (Aurora, Illinois, USA)
Fable (unknown country)
Face of Humanity (North Carolina, USA)
Face Value (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Facedown (unknown country)
Fade (Versailles, Kentucky, USA)
Fade (North Carolina, USA)
Failsafe (unknown country)
Fair Warning (unknown country)
Fairburns, The (unknown country)
Fairview (Wisconsin, USA)
Fairweather Fan (unknown country)
Faith Massive (unknown country)
Faith Nation (USA)
Faith, The (unknown country)
Faithbomb (Van Alstyne, Texas, USA)
Fakes, The (USA)
Fallback (USA)
Fallen Silent (unknown country)
Falling Cycle (California, USA)
Falling Up (USA)
Fallout (USA)
Paul Falzone (unknown country)
Fanmail (California, USA)
Far-Less (Virginia, USA)
Farewell to Fashion (Florida, USA)
Farewell to Juliet (unknown country)
Farewell to Shadowlands (Texas, USA)
Farfetched (Canada)
Mark Farner (unknown country)
Fasedown (USA)
Fat Loser Boy (USA)
Fatal Blast Whip (USA)
Deborah Fatow (unknown country)
Fear Not (unknown country)
Fear of Faith (unknown country)
Fearful Symmetry (USA)
Fearscape (Australia)
Feast Eternal (USA)
Feast of Frozen Ignorance (unknown country)
Feci dal Signore (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
Fed by Ravens (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Feeding 5000 (USA)
Feezel (USA)
Fell Venus (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Fester (unknown country)
Fewleftstanding (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
Fighter (unknown country)
Fighting Jacks (unknown country)
Figure Four (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Filacteria (Puerto Rico)
Final Axe (USA)
Final Call (Conway, Arkansas, USA)
Final Destiny (unknown country)
Final Judgement (unknown country)
Final Warning (unknown country)
Fine China (Arizona, USA)
Fire by Night (USA)
Fire Fly (United Kingdom)
Fire Theft, The (USA)
Fire When Ready (Endicott, New York, USA)
Firethrone (Poland)
Firmament (USA)
Fish Tribe (unknown country)
Five Iron Frenzy (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Five O'Clock People (unknown country)
Flatfoot 56 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Flatfoot 5ifty6ix (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
FLAX (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Fleming & John (USA)
Flesh Walker (unknown country)
Flick (USA)
Flight 180 (unknown country)
Flock 14 (USA)
Floodgate (unknown country)
Florence Nightingale Effect (USA)
Flow (Texas, USA)
Flower Mouth (unknown country)
Fluffy (USA)
Flying Merkel (unknown country)
Flyleaf (Temple, Texas, USA)
FM Static (USA)
Focal Point (Elk Grove, California, USA)
Focused (California, USA)
FOG (Aurora, Illinois, USA)
Fold Zandura (California, USA)
FoldZan (unknown country)
Fono (United Kingdom)
For Daylight (Florida, USA)
For Heaven's Sake (unknown country)
For Love Not Lisa (unknown country)
For the Fallen Dreams (USA)
For the Moment (USA)
Force 3 (unknown country)
Foreknown (Duluth, Minnesota, USA)
Forever Changed (USA)
Forever Conflict, The (USA)
Forevertree (unknown country)
Forgotten Arrival (California, USA)
Forsaken Lemonade (unknown country)
Forthwright (Alabama, USA)
Forty Save One (unknown country)
Fosters Thinking (unknown country)
Fountain of Tears (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA)
Four Forty (unknown country)
Four Living Creatures (Virginia, USA)
Four Star Union (USA)
Fourth Estate (unknown country)
Fourth Watch (USA)
Justin Fox (USA)
Foxhole (Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA)
Fozarellies, The (unknown country)
Fraction (unknown country)
Fraidy Cats, The (unknown country)
Franchise, The (USA)
Francis (unknown country)
Frank's Enemy (Miami, Florida, USA)
Frantics, The (unknown country)
Frauenfeld (unknown country)
Fred and the Savages (USA)
Freeto Boat (unknown country)
Daniel French (USA)
Friction (Texas, USA)
Fringe (unknown country)
Frodus (unknown country)
Frolic (USA)
From Ashes (Finland)
From Nothing (unknown country)
Front Runner (USA)
Frontline, The (unknown country)
Frost Like Ashes (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
Frosthardr (Norway)
Frühstück (Wroclaw, Poland)
Fuerte Escudo (Argentina)
Full on the Mouth (unknown country)
Full Surrender (New Jersey, USA)
Furies, The (unknown country)
Further Seems Forever (Pompano Beach, Florida, USA)
Furthermore (Utah, USA)
Fusco (Texas, USA)
Futureshock (unknown country)
Gadget (unknown country)
Galactic Cowboys (Katy, Texas, USA)
Gamaliel's Advice (USA)
Ganglia (unknown country)
Ganglion (Norway)
Gaoth Anair (unknown country)
Gardian (USA)
Gathering of Lost Souls (unknown country)
Gathering of Souls (unknown country)
Gauge (unknown country)
Gears of Redemption (USA)
Gecko Monks (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Generation (USA)
Generics, The (unknown country)
Genkideska (unknown country)
Genosha (USA)
Gentiles, The (USA)
Gethsemane Rose (unknown country)
Getsemani (Italy)
Ghetto Blasters, The (unknown country)
Ghoti Hook (Virginia, USA)
Giant (USA)
Jon Gibson (unknown country)
Gideon's Army (unknown country)
Gideon's Press (unknown country)
Gimerstick (unknown country)
Girl Skouts, The (unknown country)
Christine Glass (unknown country)
Glass Hammer (USA)
Glass Harp (unknown country)
Glenn Kaiser & Friends (USA)
Glenn Kaiser Band (USA)
Glisten (unknown country)
Global Warning (Snohomish, Washington, USA)
globalWAVEsystem (USA)
Gloria (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Glorified Fuzz (unknown country)
Glory Box (Denmark)
Gloryhouse (unknown country)
Gnashing of Teeth (Ohio, USA)
GOD (Romania)
God's Original Gangstaz (G.O.G.'z) (USA)
Godfear (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Godrocket (USA)
Gods (USA)
Godsent Humans (USA)
Gogglesphere (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Gold, The (unknown country)
Golgatha (unknown country)
Golgatha (USA) (metal band)
Goliath (Indiana, USA)
Goodbye Letter, The (Antioch, Tennessee, USA)
Goodnight Star (USA)
Goredeath (USA)
Gospel Zombie (Israel)
Grace for the Fallen (Virginia, USA)
Grace Like Winter (unknown country)
Grace Thirsty Souls (USA)
Grammatrain (unknown country)
Grand Ave. (unknown country)
Grand Lux (Norway)
Grand Prize (Boise, Idaho, USA)
Gransane (unknown country)
Amy Grant (USA)
Graphic Verses (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
Gray Lines of Perfection (USA)
Keith Green (USA)
Green Olive Tree (unknown country)
Green Ribbon (USA)
Gretchen (USA)
Greyhalo (Michigan, USA)
Grits (USA)
GROMS (Norway)
Groove (unknown country)
Gryp (Fresno, California, USA)
Grøde (Norway)
GS Megaphone (USA)
Guardian (USA)
Guardrail (unknown country)
Guerilla Rodeo (USA)
Guerreros del Metal (unknown country)
Guilty Nation (unknown country)
Guys, The (unknown country)
Half the City (USA)
Half Way Out (Australia)
Half-Handed Cloud (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Halleluyah (Brazil)
Hallowed (Finland)
Halo (unknown country)
Halo Friendlies, The (USA)
Handshake Murders, The (Arkansas, USA)
Hangnail (USA)
Hanover Saints (Sacramento, California, USA)
Joel Hanson (USA)
Harbinger (Australia)
Hardcore for Christ (Spokane, Washington, USA)
Harmonium (USA)
Harmony (Sweden)
Harrison Four (San Martin, California, USA)
Haste the Day (Indiana, USA)
Havalina Rail Co. (USA)
Haven (unknown country)
Hawk Nelson (Ontario, Canada)
He Is Legend (North Carolina, USA)
He Rose Ministries (unknown country)
Headfire (USA)
Headnoise (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Mark Heard (USA)
Hearken (Texas, USA)
Heart of Love Band (USA)
Heartbreak Kids, The (unknown country)
Heartcry (Sweden)
Heaven (Argentina)
Heaven Up (Finland)
Heaven's Burning (Pasadena, California, USA)
Heaven's Rage (unknown country)
Heavenly Host (Brazil)
Heavenly Remedy (unknown country)
Heavily Armored (USA)
Lance Alton Hemingway (unknown country)
Hero (unknown country)
Hero's Drive (unknown country)
Hether (USA)
HFC (Spokane, Washington, USA)
Hidden Element (USA)
Hiding Remington (unknown country)
High Flight Society (Georgia, USA)
High Voltage (USA)
A Hill To Die Upon (Monmouth, Illinois, USA)
Steve Hindalong (California, USA)
His Majesty (unknown country)
Hit the Deck (Ventura, California, USA)
Hoi Polloi (New Zealand)
Hokus Pick (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Hokus Pick Manouver (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Holiday Runner (USA)
Holiday, The (USA)
Holidays, The (California, USA)
Holland (USA)
Holy Blood (Kiev, Ukraine)
Holy Countdown (USA)
Holy Cow (Tustin, California, USA)
Holy Fire (USA)
Holy Night (Lewisville, Texas, USA)
Holy Right (California, USA)
Holy Riot (unknown country)
Holy Soldier (Palos Verdes, California, USA)
Holy Throne (Brazil)
Honey (USA)
Honeylocust (unknown country)
Hope (Croatia)
Hope & Anchor (unknown country)
Hope Has Failed Us (Bedford, Texas, USA)
Hopesfall (North Carolina, USA)
Horde (Australia)
Hospital (USA)
Hostility (New Jersey, USA)
Hot Pink Turtle (Kansas, USA)
Hounds of Heaven, The (unknown country)
Hour Unknown (unknown country)
House of Heroes (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
House of Ill Repute, The (unknown country)
House of Wires (unknown country)
Household Name (unknown country)
Human (unknown country)
Human Condition (USA)
Human Knot Farm (unknown country)
Hundred Hands (unknown country)
Hundred Year Storm (Austin, Texas, USA)
Huntingtons (Delaware, USA)
Hypocritz (unknown country)
I.O.I. (unknown country)
I.V.8.8 (unknown country)
Ian (unknown country)
Icewind (Sweden)
Icon Clan (Finland)
Icon Tack (USA)
Ideola (USA)
Ideology (unknown country)
Idiedaily (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Idle Cure (USA)
Idol King (USA)
If Pain Persists (Australia)
Ignite (Australia)
Ignited Soul (Tennessee, USA)
Ill Harmonics (unknown country)
Illuminandi (Debica, Poland)
Illuminator (USA)
Image (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Image (Lynchburg, Virginia, USA)
Imagine This (USA)
Immortal (USA)
Immortal Souls (Finland)
Impact (unknown country)
Impellitteri (USA)
Imperative Reaction (unknown country)
Imperfection (Brazil)
Implacable (Norway)
Impowered (USA)
In 3-D (unknown country)
In a Lonely Place (USA)
In Due Time (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
In Grief (Norway)
In Reach (USA)
In Remembrance of Me (unknown country)
In Reverent Fear (USA)
In the Face of War (Kokomo, Indiana, USA)
In the Silence (unknown country)
In This Victory (unknown country)
In Vain (Sweden)
Inborn (Georgia, USA)
Inchwater (unknown country)
Incomplete (USA)
Incorporated (unknown country)
Incubus (USA)
Indiana (unknown country)
Indikator (USA)
Indio (unknown country)
Indirect (unknown country)
Industry Eleven (unknown country)
Indwelling (Arizona, USA)
Inemy Chain (Cordopolis, Pennsylvania, USA)
Inemy-Chain (Cordopolis, Pennsylvania, USA)
Inez (unknown country)
Infirmity (Denton, Texas, USA)
Inhabited (Texas, USA)
Inhoud (unknown country)
Inked in Blood (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Inner Warfare (unknown country)
Innermeans (California, USA)
Innocence Broken (USA)
Innocence Mission, The (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA)
Innocent Blood (unknown country)
Inside the Outside (unknown country)
Inspector No. 9 (unknown country)
Insyderz, The (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Intercede (Burlington, Wisconsin, USA)
Internal (unknown country)
Internal Empty (unknown country)
Internal Healing (unknown country)
Intuition (unknown country)
Invaderz (Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA)
Inversion (USA)
Iona (unknown country)
Iridium (Germany)
Iron Wrath (unknown country)
Isaiah (Finland)
ISH032 (unknown country)
Israel (unknown country)
Israelites, The (USA)
Istra (California, USA)
It's Official . . . (USA)
Ivan and the Reds (USA)
Ivy League, The (unknown country)
J.C. Crew (USA)
Jackie Chans, The (unknown country)
Jacks of All Trades (Finland)
Jacob's Dream (USA)
Jacob's Trouble (Acworth, Georgia, USA)
Jacobstone (USA)
Jade Trees Weeping (USA)
Jaded Thorns (USA)
Jagged Doctrine (USA)
Sarah Jahn (unknown country)
Jai Agnish (New Jersey, USA)
Jars of Clay (USA)
Javert (unknown country)
Jawbone Hill (unknown country)
JC and the Boyz (USA)
Jeremiah's Grotto (USA)
Jeremiahs Complaint (unknown country)
Jeremy (USA)
Jerusalem (Sweden)
Jesse and the Rockers (USA)
Jesse's Vineyard (unknown country)
Jester's Dream (unknown country)
Jesus Blues Breakers (unknown country)
Jesus Flying Rocketship (unknown country)
Jesus Freaks (USA)
Jesus Wept (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
Jet Circus (Sweden)
Jet Circus, The (Sweden)
Jetenderpaul (Kansas, USA)
Jimmy A (Sacramento, California, USA)
Joe Christmas (Austell, Georgia, USA)
Joe Club (unknown country)
Joey's Loss (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Johnny Q. Public (USA)
Johnny Respect (USA)
Joke?, The (Brazil)
Jonah33 (USA)
Jonathon (unknown country)
Jordan (USA)
Jordskaelv (The Netherlands)
Joshua (USA)
Josiah (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Joust (USA)
Joy Electric (Santa Ana, California, USA)
Judah (Keller, Texas, USA)
Judah First (USA)
Judea (unknown country)
Judean Radiostatic (unknown country)
Juggernaut (unknown country)
Juggernautz (USA)
Juliana Theory, The (USA)
Julie Band (USA)
Julies, The (USA)
Junction Seven (Cleveland, Tennessee, USA)
Junker Jorg (USA)
Jupiter James (USA)
Jupiter VI (Nevada, USA)
Damien Jurado (USA)
Just Like Jonah (unknown country)
Just Visiting (USA)
Justice (Australia)
Justifide (USA)
Jyradelix (USA)
K626 (USA)
Glenn Kaiser (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Kaosu (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Kapsized (unknown country)
Kastimonia (unknown country)
Katku Willu (Estonia)
Cheri Keaggy (unknown country)
Phil Keaggy (USA)
Kekal (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Kennereth (unknown country)
Kerith Ravine (USA)
Kettleblack (unknown country)
Dana Key (USA)
Kicker, The (unknown country)
Kicks, The (Florida, USA)
Kid Tested (Arlington, Texas, USA)
Kidd Robin (unknown country)
Kids in the Way (USA)
Kidz Eat Free (unknown country)
Kill Ratio (USA)
Killed by Cain (USA)
Killer (unknown country)
Killing Tree (unknown country)
killingtheoldman (unknown country)
Kilmer (Woodinville, Washington, USA)
Kind of Guys, The (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA)
King David (unknown country)
King James (USA)
King's X (Katy, Texas, USA)
Kings Machine, The (unknown country)
Kings Road (unknown country)
Kissing the Hands of Wrath (USA)
KJ-52 (USA)
Klank (USA)
Knight Riot (unknown country)
Knotsoul (unknown country)
Michael Knott (California, USA)
Kohllapse (Australia)
Kosmos Express (USA)
Kratos (Brazil)
Kreepdowns, The (USA)
Kreyson (Czech Republic)
Krioni (Australia)
Mark Krischak (unknown country)
Jan Krist (USA)
Ladislav Krížek (Czech Republic)
Kronicles (New Jersey, USA)
Krush (USA)
Kry, The (Canada)
Kung Fu Grip (unknown country)
Kurios (USA)
Kutless (USA)
L.I.G.H.T. (unknown country)
L.S. Underground (California, USA)
L.S.U. (California, USA)
L.S.U. (LifeSavers Underground) (California, USA)
La Hoya Sunset (USA)
Labbadics (unknown country)
Lackthereof (unknown country)
Lackthrow (unknown country)
LADS (New Zealand)
Lament (Mexico)
Lampshade (Denmark)
Will Landrum (unknown country)
Lassie Foundation, The (California, USA)
Last Adam (unknown country)
Last Broadcast, The (USA)
Last Chapter (USA)
Last Dance, The (Fountain Valley, California, USA)
Last Farewell, The (Arkansas, USA)
Last Second (USA)
Last Starfighter, The (USA)
Last Tuesday (unknown country)
Late Late Service (unknown country)
Lather (unknown country)
Laudamus (Sweden)
Lead, The (Miami, Florida, USA)
Leaderdogs (Illinois, USA)
Leaderdogs for the Blind (Illinois, USA)
Leaving 99 (unknown country)
Ledfoot (USA)
Mylon LeFevre (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Left Lane Ends (unknown country)
Left Out (USA)
Legacy (unknown country)
Legend (USA)
Legend Seven (USA)
Legends of Rodeo (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
Leiadorus (unknown country)
Leisure Livewires (unknown country)
Lemonade Stand Band (unknown country)
Lengsel (Norway)
Leo Nine (Australia)
Leper (USA)
Less More Band, The (Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA)
Lester Finn Experiment, The (Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA)
Letter 12 (Texas, USA)
Letter Kills (California, USA)
Level (USA)
Level.9 (USA)
Leviticus (Sweden)
Michael Lewis (USA)
Lewis (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Liaison (Watford City, North Dakota, USA)
Liar's Paradise (USA)
Liberty N Justice (unknown country)
Lies Damned Lies (United Kingdom)
Life in General (USA)
Life in Your Way (Manchester, Connecticut, USA)
Life of Riley (unknown country)
Life or Death (unknown country)
Lifeform (unknown country)
Lifehouse (USA)
Lifeless (unknown country)
Lifesavers (California, USA)
Lifesavers Underground (California, USA)
Lifesavors, The (California, USA)
Lift to Experience (unknown country)
Light Hammer (Brazil)
Lightforce (Australia)
Lightmare (Germany)
Lights for Nero (USA)
likeDavid (unknown country)
Limit X (unknown country)
Linus' Blanket (Avon, Ohio, USA)
Liptocoal (USA)
Liquid Eclipse (unknown country)
Liquid Elevator (unknown country)
Liquid Fiction (unknown country)
Little Brother (Cleveland, Tennessee, USA)
Kerry Livgren (USA)
Living Sacrifice (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
LivingDead (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Lloyd (unknown country)
Lo-Fi (unknown country)
Lo-Fi Attack Styles (unknown country)
Lo-Ruhamah (Springfield, Missouri, USA)
Loam (unknown country)
Loaners, The (unknown country)
Locomotive Breath (Sweden)
Lode (unknown country)
Lodestar (Kristiansand, Norway)
Lodus (unknown country)
Logan Wish, The (unknown country)
Logos (USA)
London Calling (unknown country)
Lonely Hearts, The (USA)
Longsuffer (unknown country)
Looking Forward (Maryland, USA)
Looking Jonny (Boise, Idaho, USA)
Looking Jonny? (Boise, Idaho, USA)
Lookout (Elma, Washington, USA)
Loose Unit (unknown country)
Lordchain (USA)
Lordian Guard (unknown country)
Loser's Club (unknown country)
Lost (unknown country)
Lost Angel (unknown country)
Lost Dogs (California, USA)
Lotus:07 (unknown country)
Loudflower (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Love Assembly (unknown country)
Love Coma (New Braunfels, Texas, USA)
Love Life (USA)
Lovelorn (Arkoma, Oklahoma, USA)
Lovetree (unknown country)
Lovewar (USA)
Lower Deep, A (Alabama, USA)
LSU (California, USA)
Lucerin Blue (Canada)
Luci's Enemy (USA)
Lucid (Hurst, Illinois, USA)
Lugnut (unknown country)
Lugsole (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Luminaria (Poland)
Luminescent Debris (unknown country)
Luna Halo (unknown country)
Lunasect (unknown country)
Lung (unknown country)
Lust Control (Austin, Texas, USA)
Luti-kriss (Douglasville, Georgia, USA)
Luxt (unknown country)
Luxury (Toccoa, Georgia, USA)
Lyndsay Diaries, The (USA)
Windy Lyre (California, USA)
M Pire (unknown country)
M-Edge (unknown country)
Mack, the Coffee Man (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA)
Mad at the World (Irvine, California, USA)
Madd Hunter (unknown country)
Phil Madiera (unknown country)
Madison (unknown country)
Mae (Norfolk, Virginia, USA)
Magdalen (USA)
Magdallan (USA)
Magnified Plaid ()
Mago (unknown country)
Mainstay (USA)
Mainstreet (unknown country)
Maintain (unknown country)
Maintenance Man (USA)
Majesty (USA)
Makeshift (unknown country)
Makeshift 3 (unknown country)
Malachia (unknown country)
Mama Grace (unknown country)
Mammuth (Sweden)
Man Alive (Israel)
Manifestium (Finland)
Chris Manning (USA)
Darrell Mansfield (unknown country)
MAP (Canada)
Mariposa (unknown country)
Marriage Is Madness (unknown country)
Mars Hill (USA)
Martha's Wake (USA)
Martyr (unknown country)
Marvel (unknown country)
Mary Said (unknown country)
Mass (unknown country)
Massivivid (Texas, USA)
Mastedon (USA)
Math (USA)
Matrix (USA)
Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes (USA)
Maximum Pentecost (unknown country)
Mayfair Laundry (unknown country)
MC White-E (unknown country)
DB McGlynn (unknown country)
Mechanism, The (unknown country)
David Meece (unknown country)
Megiddon (Finland)
Melk the G6-49 (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Mellowdramatic Wallflowers (unknown country)
Mend (unknown country)
Mending Point (USA)
Menomena (unknown country)
Mental Destruction (Sweden)
Mentallo & the Fixer (USA)
Merbabies, The (California, USA)
Mercenary (Sweden)
Mercury Fang (Sweden)
Mercury Radio Theater (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Mercury Switch (New Hampshire, USA)
Mercy (Brazil)
Mercy (unknown country)
Mercy Cafe (USA)
Mercy Rule (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
Mercy Street (Corona, California, USA)
Mercy's Wake (USA)
Mercyride (unknown country)
Messiah Complex (Canada)
Messiah Prophet (USA)
Metal Nobre (Brazil)
Metanoia (Australia)
Method of Control (unknown country)
Metropolis (South Carolina, USA)
Metropolis (Germany)
Metropolitan (Georgia, USA)
mewithoutYou (USA)
Michelangelo (unknown country)
Michelangelo and the Difference (unknown country)
Riki Michele (USA)
Microscopic (unknown country)
Microskapic (unknown country)
Midiboy (unknown country)
Midnight Oil (unknown country)
Midnight Orchestra (Indiana, USA)
Midnight.Fall (unknown country)
Midwill (Texas, USA)
Mightier than Thunder (USA)
Migraines (Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA)
Mild Seven (Roseville, California, USA)
Millenia (unknown country)
Mindbender (USA)
Mindflow (unknown country)
Mindhead (USA)
Mindkor (USA)
Mindrage (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Mindset (USA) (California)
Mindset 7 (Indiana, USA)
Mine's Clarence (unknown country)
Minier (California, USA)
Ministros Del Santuario (Panama)
Miracle (Brazil)
Mirador (Sweden)
Mirrors (unknown country)
Mirrors, The (unknown country)
Miscellaneous, The (unknown country)
Misprint (unknown country)
Miss Angie (USA)
Missionary One (unknown country)
Mister Popular (unknown country)
Mistral (unknown country)
P. K. Mitchell (unknown country)
Model Engine (unknown country)
Modern Day John (USA)
Modest Attraction (Sweden)
ModEx (unknown country)
Modus Operandi (Garden Grove, California, USA)
Mojo Monkeys (unknown country)
Moneybags Gram (Endicott, New York, USA)
Monogamous Fish (unknown country)
Monolith (Ontario, Canada)
Monolithic (unknown country)
Monotheist (Orlando, Florida, USA)
Monsterus (USA)
Mood Ring (unknown country)
Moral Issue (unknown country)
Morbid Sacrifice (Pennsylvania, USA)
Mordecai (Finland)
Morella's Forest (Dayton, Ohio, USA)
Moriah (Brazil)
Moriah (USA)
Morphia (unknown country)
Neal Morse (USA)
Mortal (California, USA)
Mortal Enemy (unknown country)
Mortal Immunity (unknown country)
Mortal Treason (Hartselle, Alabama, USA)
Mortification (Australia)
Mortify (Brazil)
Moshab (Brazil)
Moshketeers, The (Australia)
Motherland (unknown country)
Motherlode (Sweden)
Mothership (USA) (Randy Rose)
Mothership (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
Motormouth (USA)
Mourning September (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Mournphagy (Indonesia)
Movies with Heroes (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA)
Mr. Bishop's Fist (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Mr. Crazy (USA)
Mr. i (USA)
Mr. Smarty Pants (USA)
Muchacho Vivo (unknown country)
David Mullen (unknown country)
Rich Mullins (USA)
Mustard (USA)
Mustard Seed Faith (unknown country)
Mustard Seeds, The (unknown country)
Mutant John (Israel)
Mutemath (USA)
MxPx ()
My Brother's Mother (unknown country)
My Cat Puddin Head (unknown country)
My Colour Brain (unknown country)
My Friend Stephanie (South Carolina, USA)
My Little Dog China (USA)
My Name Is Nobody (Jerusalem, Israel)
My New Best Friend (North Carolina, USA)
My Own Demise (USA)
My Silent Wake (United Kingdom)
My Spacecoaster (USA)
My Time Is Now (unknown country)
Mylon & Broken Heart (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Myriad, The (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Nail Scarred Hands (unknown country)
Nailed (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Nailed Promise (Texas, USA)
Naked Farmers, The (unknown country)
Name Taken (Orange, California, USA)
Names Without Numbers (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
Namesake (unknown country)
Naos Project (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
Narcissus (Rootstown, Ohio, USA)
Narnia (Sweden)
Narrow, The (South Africa)
Nashville Fats (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Natan (Belgium)
Nation (unknown country)
Native Son and the Foundation (USA)
Natural Saint (unknown country)
John Nau (unknown country)
Nebo Mt (USA)
Nebulon (unknown country)
Necromance (Germany)
Necromanicide (Indonesia)
Necromanicider (Brazil)
Nehemiah (unknown country)
Neocelt (unknown country)
Neocracy (Pennsylvania, USA)
Neon Cross (USA)
Neptune (unknown country)
Neshamah (Cape Town, South Africa)
Nesters Bad Habit (unknown country)
Neutral Agreement (Hurricane, West Virginia, USA)
Never Alone (unknown country)
Never Alone (unknown country) (hardcore band)
Never Enough (unknown country)
Never the Less (Florida, USA)
Neverending Rejection (USA)
Nevertheless (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)
Neviah Nevi (USA)
New Breed (unknown country)
New Creation, The (Canada)
New Eden (unknown country)
New Jerusalem (Arizona, USA)
New Method (USA)
New Society (USA)
New Year (USA)
Newmans (unknown country)
Newsboys (Australia)
Next 6 Exits (Texas, USA)
Next in Line (unknown country)
Nickel and Dime (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Nifty Tom 50 (USA)
Nihilist (unknown country)
Nikola Tesla (Canada)
Nina (Miami, Florida, USA)
Nina & Out of Egypt (Miami, Florida, USA)
Nine Page Apology (unknown country)
Nine, The (unknown country)
NineBall (Kentucky, USA)
Ninety Pound Wuss (Seattle, Washington, USA)
No Apples for Adam (unknown country)
No Innocent Victim (San Diego, California, USA)
No Laughing Matter (Arizona, USA)
No Longer Music (The Netherlands)
No More Droids (Davenport, Iowa, USA)
Nobody Special (USA)
Nocturnal Faith (Santiago, Panama)
Nodes of Ranvier (Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA)
Noggintoboggan (USA)
Noise Ratchet (USA)
NoiseIndustry (unknown country)
Noisy Little Sunbeams (USA)
Noiz (Germany)
Nor Am I (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Norma Jean (Douglasville, Georgia, USA)
Normals, The (Normal, Illinois, USA)
Larry Norman (unknown country)
Normandy (Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA)
North (unknown country)
North Creek (unknown country)
north.of.ok (unknown country)
Northern Diving Company (USA)
Norway (unknown country)
Norway2 (unknown country)
Not Called Common (Texas, USA)
Not for $ale (USA)
Not for the Crowd (USA)
Not Long After (unknown country)
Not the Joneses (USA)
Not Waving but Drowning (USA)
Nourish the Flame (North Carolina, USA)
Nouveaux (USA)
Nova Lex (USA)
Nova Sphere (unknown country)
Novella (USA)
November Commandment, The (Sweden)
NRG (unknown country)
Nu-Humans (Australia)
NuCre8tion (unknown country)
Nuk Ruk (unknown country)
Null Factor (unknown country)
Number One Gun (Chico, California, USA)
Nural (La Crescenta, California, USA)
Ashton Nyte (South Africa)
O.C. Supertones (USA)
Oblation (USA)
Obliteration (USA)
Oblivion (Sweden)
Obvious, The (Canada)
Ockham's Razor (unknown country)
Of the Son (Columbus, Indiana, USA)
Off the Record (unknown country)
Officer Down (unknown country)
Officer Negative (USA)
Ohio Liberation Army (unknown country)
Oil (USA)
Ojo (unknown country)
Old Path (USA)
Old Self Dead (unknown country)
Olivia (Hawaii, USA)
Omega Highway (unknown country)
Omega Rage (USA)
Once Blind (unknown country)
Once Dead (USA)
Once Dust (unknown country)
Onceblind (unknown country)
Onceid (California, USA)
ONE (unknown country)
One Bad Apple (unknown country)
One Bad Pig (Austin, Texas, USA)
One Day Less (USA)
One Eighty (unknown country)
One Foot Forward (USA)
One Hundred Days (Canada)
One Minute Halo (Dallas, Texas, USA)
One of These Days (unknown country)
One Step Back (USA)
One Way Out (Bim, West Virginia, USA)
One-21 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Onecross (unknown country)
Openhanded (unknown country)
Operation, The (USA)
Opposition of One (Germany)
Opprobrium (USA)
Opus Majestic (California, USA)
Oracle (Greensboro, California, USA)
Oraculo (Brazil)
Orange County Supertones, The (USA)
orange-i (unknown country)
Oratorio (Finland)
Orcrist (unknown country)
Ordained Fate (unknown country)
Orphan Project (unknown country)
Other Desert Cities (USA)
Our Corpse Destroyed (USA)
Out of Ruin (unknown country)
Out of the Grey (USA)
Out of the Mire (USA)
Outcry (unknown country)
Outer Circle (USA)
Outnumbered (unknown country)
Outsource (unknown country)
Over the Rhine (unknown country)
Overcome (Gilbert, Arizona, USA)
Overthrow (unknown country)
P.I.D. (USA)
P.O.D. (San Diego, California, USA)
Pachinko, The (unknown country)
Pacifico (unknown country)
Pain, The (USA)
Painted Orange (unknown country)
Tony Palacios (unknown country)
Pale Horse (New Jersey, USA)
Paloma (unknown country)
Pantlegs, The (Saline, Michigan, USA)
Pantokrator (Sweden)
Paperboy Mafia (USA)
Paradigm (unknown country)
Paradigm 5 (USA)
Paradigm Lost (USA)
Paradigm Shift (unknown country)
Paradox (Perth, Australia)
Paradox (United Kingdom)
Paradox (Texas, USA) (1)
Paradoxx (Perth, Australia)
Paragon Null (unknown country)
Parakletos (Finland)
Paramaecium (Australia)
Parca Pace (Sweden)
Parkway (unknown country)
Part-Time (USA)
Pashawkee (unknown country)
Passion, The (unknown country)
Steven Patrick (USA)
Patrick's Hill (Canada)
Pauper's Field (unknown country)
Pax (USA)
Pax 217 (USA)
Payable on Death (San Diego, California, USA)
Peabody Myers (USA)
M. C. Peace (USA)
Michael Peace (USA)
Peace 586 (USA)
Peacekeeper (unknown country)
Charlie Peacock (USA)
Pedro the Lion (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Penny for the Old Guy (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Pennylane (Portland, Oregon, USA) (981)
Pensive (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
Pentecost (Brazil)
Pep Squad (unknown country)
Peppershaker (Kansas, USA)
Pergamon (Sweden)
Dave Perkins (unknown country)
Perry and the Poor Boys (unknown country)
Petra (USA)
Petrol Money (unknown country)
Phaedo (unknown country)
Phanatik (unknown country)
Phantasmic (unknown country)
Phase (unknown country)
Phat Chance (USA)
Philadelphia (USA)
Phileo (unknown country)
Phileo (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Phillibusters, The (unknown country)
Phillip's Tutu (unknown country)
Philmore (unknown country)
Piedra Angular (unknown country)
Pillar (Oklahoma, USA)
Pink Daffodils (unknown country)
Pious Chaotz (Germany)
Pit That Became a Tower, The (Israel)
Pits, The (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
Pivitplex (unknown country)
Pivot Clowj (unknown country)
Place of Skulls (USA)
Plague of Ethyls (unknown country)
Plaid (unknown country)
PlankEye (USA)
Playdough (unknown country)
Plebeian Monarchs (Waco, Texas, USA)
Plebeians, The (Texas, USA)
Plumb (USA)
Plumbline (unknown country)
Plush (unknown country)
Ply (unknown country)
Pneuma (Poland)
Po (unknown country)
Pocket Change (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)
Poems of Shadows (Brazil)
Poetry of Dreams (unknown country)
Poetshaker (USA)
Point of Recognition (unknown country)
Point Zero (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
Pokyroom (unknown country)
Polarboy (unknown country)
Pony Express (unknown country)
Poor Old Lu (Vashon, Washington, USA)
Poor Old Lu. (Vashon, Washington, USA)
Pop (unknown country)
Pops Body Shop (unknown country)
Possession (unknown country)
Potboilers, The (unknown country)
Pour (unknown country)
Poverty (USA)
Powell Elementary Field Day (USA)
Powerlab (unknown country)
Prairie Train (USA)
Pray for Rain (USA)
Prayer Chain, The (USA)
Preacha (unknown country)
Preacher (unknown country)
Precious Death (USA)
Prelude (USA)
Prescription (Rancho Cordova, California, USA)
Preston (unknown country)
Primitive Dance Tribe (unknown country)
Princess Project, The (unknown country)
Princeton Reverbs Colonial (unknown country)
Priority RAGE (USA)
Proclamation (unknown country)
Prodigal Sons (unknown country)
Project 86 (USA)
Project Eighty Six (USA)
Promessa Divina (Brazil)
Promise (unknown country)
Promise of Restoration (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA)
Pronounced Dead (unknown country)
Proof of Purchase (USA) (East Coast)
Proof of Purchase (USA) (West Coast)
Prophecy (USA)
Prophecy Inc. (USA)
Prophecy of P.A.N.I.C. (unknown country)
Prophecy124 (Lexington, North Carolina, USA)
Prosper (unknown country)
Psalmistry (unknown country)
Pspazz (unknown country)
Psycho-Lizards (unknown country)
Psycoma (unknown country)
Pugface (unknown country)
Puller (USA)
Pulse Legion (unknown country)
Punchbug (South Gibson, Pennsylvania, USA)
Punches of Joy (Sweden)
Punkture (unknown country)
Pure & Absolute (unknown country)
Pure Defiance (USA)
Purgation (Kenner, Louisiana, USA)
Purge (Kenner, Louisiana, USA)
Pushstart Wagon (unknown country)
Paul Q-Pek (USA)
Q. Stone (unknown country)
Quality Scrub (unknown country)
Quayle (unknown country)
qub3 (unknown country)
Quejidos del Seol (unknown country)
Quiet City (unknown country)
.rod laver (unknown country)
R&R Music Constructors (unknown country)
Rachel Rachel (unknown country)
Rachel's Mourning (USA)
Rackets & Drapes (USA)
Radial Angel (USA)
Radio Years (unknown country)
Radiohalo (unknown country)
Radix (USA)
Rae (Conroe, Texas, USA)
Rage of Angels (USA)
Rageflower (unknown country)
Raid Rockers, The (Moi, Norway)
RAIJ (unknown country)
Rain on the Land (Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA)
Rainbow Rider (USA)
Rainforest (Poland)
Rainy Days (USA)
Ramsie Shick (unknown country)
Ran Away to Sea (unknown country)
Random Eyes (Finland)
Ransom (USA)
Ransom Tree (Pearl, Mississippi, USA)
Rapid Deployment (unknown country)
Rapture of the Meek (Kentucky, USA)
Raspberry Jam (USA)
Raving Loonatics (unknown country)
RC (unknown country)
Reaction, The (USA)
Ready for Monday (unknown country)
Real (unknown country)
Reality Check (unknown country)
Rebel's Mother (USA)
Recess Theory (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
Reckless Faith (unknown country)
Reclusive Cypher, The (USA)
Recon (USA)
Recruits, The (unknown country)
Red Animal War (Texas, USA)
Red Letter Print (USA)
Red Rum Trance (unknown country)
Red Sector One (Canada)
Red Timber (unknown country)
Redeem (Tuckerton, New Jersey, USA)
Redeemer (unknown country)
Redemption (USA)
Redemption Metal (USA)
Redemption Song, The (Florida, USA)
RedExit (unknown country)
Redline (USA)
Redsavior (unknown country)
RedSe7en (Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada)
Redsea (unknown country)
Reflector (Lawrence, Kansas, USA)
Reflescent Tide (USA)
Refrain (unknown country)
Refuge (unknown country)
Refugee (unknown country)
Regenerator (California, USA)
Regime (USA)
Reign, The (unknown country)
Relient K (USA)
Remember August (USA)
Remnant (unknown country)
Remnant, The (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Remnants, The (unknown country)
Renascent (Finland)
Reobote (Brazil)
Repressed (unknown country)
Requital (Kiev, Ukraine)
Resistance (Brazil)
Resolve (unknown country)
Rest (unknown country)
Rest Assured (Antioch, Illinois, USA)
Restricted Access (unknown country)
Restricted Division (USA)
Resurrection Band (USA)
Resurrection Eve (unknown country)
Return (unknown country)
Rev 7 (unknown country)
Reva (unknown country)
Revolution, The (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, The (unknown country)
Rex (USA)
Rez (USA)
Rhubarb (Australia)
Rhythm (USA)
Rhythm Saints (unknown country)
Rich Young Ruler (unknown country)
Steve Riddle Band (Corona, California, USA)
Noah Riemer (unknown country)
Rise, The (Sweden)
Ristinolla (Finland)
Christian Rivel (Sweden)
Rivera Bomma (USA)
Rivera/Bomma (USA)
Rivot (unknown country)
Rivulets & Violets (unknown country)
Roadside Monument (USA)
ROAR (unknown country)
Rob Rock (USA)
Rock Band, The (unknown country)
Rock N Roll Worship Circus (unknown country)
Rockband (unknown country)
Rocketboy (USA)
Rockin' Rabbis (Australia)
Michael Roe (USA)
Rollercoaster 23 (unknown country)
Rom Ten Ten (USA)
Roman Candles (unknown country)
Rookie of the Year (USA)
Rookie Super Heros (unknown country)
Room Full of Circles (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Room Full of Walters (Wichita, Kansas, USA)
Roosevelts, The (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Roper (USA)
Paul Roraback (unknown country)
Rosanna's Raiders (Australia)
Randy Rose (unknown country)
Rose (unknown country)
Rose Blossom Punch (USA)
Toni Rossi (Canada)
Rover (unknown country)
Rowdies (USA)
Jamie Rowe (USA)
Glenn Rowlands (unknown country)
Royal (unknown country)
Royal Anguish (Ocala, Florida, USA)
Rubicon 7 (unknown country)
Ruby Joe (unknown country)
Rufus (Victoria, Australia)
Rumors of War (unknown country)
Run (unknown country)
runforyerlife (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Ruscha (unknown country)
S.o.h.l. 4UR Tribe (unknown country)
Sabbatarium (Brazil)
Sacrament (USA)
Sacramento (Brazil)
Sacred Sorrow (unknown country)
Sacred Warrior (USA)
Sacrificium (Germany)
Safe Haven (Texas, USA)
Sage (unknown country)
saGoh 24/7 (USA)
Saila (Marietta, Georgia, USA)
Saint (Salem, Oregon, USA)
sAINT sPIRIT (Brazil)
Sal Paradise (Australia)
Salem Hill (unknown country)
Salida (unknown country)
Salutary (unknown country)
Samvirkelaget (Moi, Norway)
San Diego Big News Bears, The (USA)
Sanctifica (Sweden)
Sanctified Glory Mountain Revival Family (unknown country)
Sanctified Sister (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Sanctuary Praise (unknown country)
Sanctum (Sweden)
Sanctus Real (Toledo, Ohio, USA)
Sanhedrin (unknown country)
Sanktus (USA)
Sans Culottes (USA)
Santo Oficio (unknown country)
Sanxtion (unknown country)
Sappo (unknown country)
Sarcross (Brazil)
Sardonyx (unknown country)
Sarum (Canada)
Sass O' Frass Tunic (unknown country)
Satellite Circle (unknown country)
Satellite Soul (unknown country)
Saturate (Sweden)
Save Face (USA)
Saved by Grace (unknown country)
Saving Blue (Sweden)
Saviour Machine (USA)
Scapegoat (unknown country)
Scar Tissue (unknown country)
Scarecrow & Tinmen (USA)
Scarlet Haven (unknown country)
Scarlet Rayne (unknown country)
Scarlet Red (unknown country)
Scaterd Few (USA)
Scaterd-few (USA)
Scaterd.Few (USA)
Schaliach (Norway)
Jeff Scheetz (unknown country)
John Schlitt (USA)
Scientific (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Scion (Helsinki, Finland)
Steve Scott (USA)
Scourge (unknown country)
Scratch Band (unknown country)
Scream (Finland)
Scream of the Guillotine, The (USA)
Screamin' Eden (USA)
Screamin' Rays (USA)
Screams of Chaos (Australia)
Sculpture (The Netherlands)
Scum of the Earth (Sydney, Australia)
Se7en (unknown country)
Se7enth Seal (Westmonster, Maryland, USA)
Sea of Dreams (Nærbø, Norway)
Seal of the Living God (unknown country)
Seasons in the Field (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
Sebaoth (Brazil)
Second Chance (unknown country)
Second Half (unknown country)
Secret 7 (USA)
Secretion (USA)
Seed (USA)
Seek (unknown country)
Selfmindead (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
Sellouts, The (Australia)
Send the Beggar (unknown country)
Séptima Unción (unknown country)
Sepulcro Vacio (Costa Rica)
Sequoyah (USA)
Seraiah (unknown country)
Sercher (Brighton, Illinois, USA)
Serenade (USA)
Serene (Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA)
Serene (USA)
Servant (Oregon, USA)
Set Apart (unknown country)
Set Free (unknown country)
Set on Edge (Athens, Georgia, USA)
Seven Angels (Brazil)
Seven Channels (Texas, USA)
Seven Day Jesus (USA)
Seven Places (USA)
Seven Stories (Australia)
Seven System (USA)
Seventh Angel (United Kingdom)
Seventh Avenue (Germany)
Seventh Day Slumber (USA)
The Seventh Power (USA)
Seventh Star (Ocala, Florida, USA)
Seventh Vision (unknown country)
Seventy Sevens (USA)
Severance (unknown country)
Shaded Red (unknown country)
Shades of Blue (unknown country)
Shadow Gallery (unknown country)
Shadow Wings (unknown country)
Shadows of Paragon (Sweden)
Shameface (unknown country)
Shattered Image (Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada)
She Said NO! (USA)
Shea (unknown country)
Sheesh (unknown country)
Shekinatones, The (USA)
Sheltershed (unknown country)
Shepherd (unknown country)
Sherwood (unknown country)
Shifter 5 (USA)
Shiloh (Ovilla, Texas, USA)
Shimri (unknown country)
Shine (Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA)
Shine Bomb (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Shining Force (USA)
Shining Star (unknown country)
Shinji Ikari (unknown country)
Shmunks for You (USA)
Shockwave (unknown country)
Shop 11 Phoenix (USA)
Shoreline (USA)
Short Life Crisis (Bedford, Texas, USA)
Shorthanded (USA)
Shout (USA)
Showbread (Savannah, Georgia, USA)
Showdown, The (Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA)
Shroud, The (USA)
Shrubs, The (unknown country)
Shudder (unknown country)
Shuriken (unknown country)
Shurmen Steadfast (USA)
Shutter (unknown country)
Sick of Change (unknown country)
Side Show Café (unknown country)
Side Walk Slam (Evansville, Indiana, USA)
Sides of the North (West Liberty, Ohio, USA)
Sidewalk Slam (Evansville, Indiana, USA)
Sierra Heart (unknown country)
Sign of the Times (unknown country)
Signal Bleed (unknown country)
Silage (unknown country)
Silence the Epilogue (Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA)
Silence the Foe (Norway)
Silent Music Club, The (USA)
Silex (South Africa)
Siloam (Ottawa, Canada)
Ramona Silver (unknown country)
Silver (Enebakk, Norway)
Silver Express (unknown country)
Silversmith (Texas, USA)
Silverstar (unknown country)
Slav Simanic (unknown country)
Simple (USA)
Simple Mary's Diary (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Simple Solution (unknown country)
Simple Tree (unknown country)
Sinai (Fullerton, California, USA)
Sinai Beach (Riverside, California, USA)
Sincerely Me (Indiana, USA)
Sincerely Paul (unknown country)
Sindizzy (USA)
Sinister Falcons (unknown country)
Sirago 17, The (unknown country)
Situation Taboo (unknown country)
Six Feet Deep (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Sixpence None the Richer (USA)
Sixth to the Ninth (USA)
Sixty Below (unknown country)
Skadaddles (USA)
Skamatiks (unknown country)
Skapykatz (Springfield, Illinois, USA)
Skatman Meredith (USA)
Skatterbrane (unknown country)
Skillet (USA)
Skindot (unknown country)
Skratchline (unknown country)
Skream! (Czech Republic)
Sky Between, The (USA)
Sky Harbor (USA)
Sky's the Limit (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)
Skyline Drive (unknown country)
Skymetal (Brazil)
Skypark (Fullerton, California, USA)
Slamcat (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Slavetrade (unknown country)
Slechtvalk (The Netherlands)
Sleeping at Last (USA)
Sleeping by the Riverside (Clearwater, Florida, USA)
Sleepy Hollow (San Diego, California, USA)
Slick 50 (unknown country)
Slick Shoes (USA)
Slide (unknown country)
Slidepulsedown (Germany)
Slingshot 57 (USA)
Slow Children at Play (USA)
Slow Coming Day (unknown country)
Slowpoke (Port Orchard, Washington, USA)
Slushball Derkins (unknown country)
SMA (unknown country)
Smalltown Poets (USA)
Smash Alley Underground (unknown country)
Smiley Kids (unknown country)
Michael W. Smith (USA)
Kevin Smith (USA)
Smokin' Globes (unknown country)
Snaggle 2th (unknown country)
Snappy (unknown country)
Snax (USA)
Snifter Tang (unknown country)
Snubnose (unknown country)
Soapbox. (unknown country)
Societá Anonima (unknown country)
Society's Finest (USA)
Solace (USA)
Solafide (USA)
Solaris (USA)
Soldier (USA)
Solid (unknown country)
Solid Mind (unknown country)
Solomon's Porch (unknown country)
Somerset (unknown country)
Something Like Silas (USA)
Something To Fight For (unknown country)
Sometime Sunday (USA)
Sonic Kollage (unknown country)
Sons of God (unknown country)
Sons of Thunder (unknown country)
SonX (USA)
Sorrowstorm (Panama)
SOS (Hungary)
Sotahuuto (Finland)
Soterios (unknown country)
Soul Doubt (USA)
Soul Embraced (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Soul Factor (Brazil)
Soul of the Savior (USA)
Soul Shock Remedy (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)
Soul-Junk (USA)
Soulflower (USA)
Soulfood 76 (unknown country)
SoulKeeper (unknown country)
Souls Unrest, The (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Soulshelter (unknown country)
Soulsoak (DeSoto, Kansas, USA)
Soundtrack (unknown country)
Soviet (unknown country)
Sower (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
Space in Your Face (France)
Spatt (unknown country)
Speaking of Sarah (unknown country)
Special Reason (unknown country)
Speck (unknown country)
Speedy Delivery (unknown country)
Spesial Guest (Port Orchard, Washington, USA)
Spirit and the Bride (unknown country)
Spirit Creek (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
Spirit that Guides Us, The (The Netherlands)
Spirit's Breeze (Brazil)
Aaron Spiro (USA)
Spite of Opposition (unknown country)
Spitfire (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)
Spittin Jonah (Texas, USA)
Spitting Image (Lilburn, Georgia, USA)
Splendor (Larussell, Missouri, USA)
Splitcast (unknown country)
Spoken (USA)
Spooky Tuesday (Hawaii, USA)
Spork (unknown country)
Springchamber (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Scott Springer (unknown country)
Jesse Sprinkle (unknown country)
Aaron Sprinkle (unknown country)
Sprinkler (Lakewood, Colorado, USA)
Spud Gun (unknown country)
Spud Puddle (unknown country)
Spy Glass Blue (USA)
Squad Five-O (USA)
SS Bounty Hunter (unknown country)
Rebecca St. James (Australia)
Stainless (Denmark)
Stairway (unknown country)
Stairwell (USA)
Stalemate (unknown country)
Mike Stand (USA)
Mike Stand and Clash of Symbols (USA)
Stand, The (unknown country)
Staple (Mechanicsburg, Ohio, USA)
Starflyer 2000 (USA)
Starflyer 59 (Irvine, California, USA)
Stars Are Falling (USA)
Statement of Service (Canada)
Stauros (USA)
Stauros (Brazil)
Stavesacre (USA)
Steamboat (unknown country)
Steelwind (unknown country)
Stellar Kart (USA)
Step Cousin (USA)
Stereo Crush (unknown country)
Stereo Motion (USA)
Agatha Parker Sterling (unknown country)
Pete Stewart (USA)
Bjorn Stigsson (unknown country)
Still Breathing (Oklahoma, USA)
Still Remains (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)
Still Small Voice (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
Stinging Rain (unknown country)
Stir (unknown country)
Stivs, The (USA)
Stone Face (unknown country)
Stone Vengeance (unknown country)
Stonefly (unknown country)
Randy Stonehill (unknown country)
Stonesthrow (USA)
Stories of London. (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
Straight Way (Houston, Texas, USA)
Straightedge (USA)
Strange Ahead (Germany)
Strange Celebrity (USA)
Strange Occurrence (USA)
Strateia (unknown country)
Stratia (USA)
Strawmen (unknown country)
Stretch Arm Strong (USA)
Striving for Purity (USA)
Strong Willed Children (Texas, USA)
Strongarm (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA)
Stronghold (Norway)
Stronghold (Lima, Ohio, USA)
Struggle for Meaning (USA)
Stryken (California, USA)
Stryper (USA)
Sub-Train (USA)
Subdue (unknown country)
Subliminal Jesus (unknown country)
Submerge (unknown country)
subseven (Oklahoma, USA)
Subsist (unknown country)
Subterfuge (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Subterranean Misfits (unknown country)
Sucker Punch (Ireland)
Sudden Heaven (unknown country)
Suffer Hereafter (USA)
Summer Hymns (unknown country)
Sunday Blue (USA)
Sunday Drive (USA)
Sunday on Saturn (USA)
Sunday's Child (USA)
Sundry (unknown country)
Sunny Day Real Estate (USA)
Sunny Day Roses (USA)
Sunny Test, The (unknown country)
Sunroad (Brazil)
sunsetsallday (Australia)
Sunshine America (USA)
Sunsites (unknown country)
Sup the Chemist (unknown country)
Super Sneeze (unknown country)
Superchic(k) (USA)
Superchrome U.K. (unknown country)
Supershine (unknown country)
Superstar (Leawood, Kansas, USA)
Supertones (USA)
Supreme (Kristianstad, Sweden)
Sure Conviction (USA)
Surrender (unknown country)
Survivors, The (unknown country)
Sward (Tokyo, Japan)
Michael Sweet (USA)
Robert Sweet (USA)
Sweet Comfort Band (unknown country)
Sweet Crystal (unknown country)
Sweet Nectar (USA)
Swift, The (unknown country)
Swing Praise (USA)
Swinging Steaks (unknown country)
Swinging Steaks, The (unknown country)
Swirling Eddies (California, USA)
Swirling Eddies, The (California, USA)
Switchfoot (San Diego, California, USA)
Swodeque (unknown country)
Swoon, The (unknown country)
Sycamore (unknown country)
Syco (unknown country)
Sylvan Fortress (USA)
Symbiotica (unknown country)
Sympathy (Canada)
Symphony in Peril (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
Syringe (unknown country)
System Breakdown (unknown country)
System Earth (unknown country)
System Failure (USA)
The Scarred (USA)
The All Saved Freak Band (USA)
Ty Tabor (unknown country)
Tait (unknown country)
Taker (unknown country)
Taketh (Sweden)
Talking Drums (unknown country)
Tall Stories (Australia)
Ken Tamplin (USA)
Tamplin (USA)
Tamplin & Friends (USA)
Tant Meiux (USA)
Tantrum of the Muse (USA)
Tasty Snax (USA)
Taunt (Lima, Ohio, USA)
Taur Nu Fuin (USA)
Steve Taylor (USA)
Terry Scott Taylor (USA)
Terry Taylor (USA)
Chris Taylor (USA)
Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor (USA)
Terry Taylor & Friends (USA)
Teacher's Pet (unknown country)
Team Rockit (unknown country)
Technokcraci (unknown country)
Teeth (unknown country)
Tefilla (The Netherlands)
Tekla Knös (Stockholm, Sweden)
Teleflood Project, The (unknown country)
Tellus (unknown country)
Temper Tantrums, The (Bellingham, Washington, USA)
Tempest (USA)
Tempestuous All (unknown country)
Temple of Blood (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)
Temple of the Times (unknown country)
Templo (unknown country)
Templo de Fogo (Brazil)
Ten point Ten (USA)
Ten Thirty Three (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
Ten-33 (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
Tenderfoot (unknown country)
Tendril (Bedford, Texas, USA)
Teramaze (unknown country)
Terminal Generation, The (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Terra Firma (Butler, Pennsylvania, USA)
Test of Faith (Charleston, Illinois, USA)
ThaddiusX (unknown country)
theCELLexperiment (USA)
Thee Pirates (unknown country)
Thee Spivies (unknown country)
Themplo (Brazil)
Theocracy (Portugal)
Theocracy (USA)
Theocracy A.D. (USA)
Theory of Racquetball (Princeton, New Jersey, USA)
Randy Therio (unknown country)
Third Day (USA)
Third/Crow (unknown country)
Thirty Called Arson (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Thirty Ought Six (unknown country)
This Beautiful Mess (unknown country)
This Boy Loveless (unknown country)
This Runs Through (USA)
This Side Up (unknown country)
This Train (unknown country)
Dale Thompson (USA)
Dale Thompson & The Kentucky Cadillacs (USA)
Thorn Crown (unknown country)
Thousand Foot Krutch (Canada)
Thrash Puppies (Australia)
Thre3 (Corpus Christi, Texas, USA)
Threadline (Canada)
Three Crosses (USA)
Three Day Hero (unknown country)
Three for Flinching (unknown country)
Three Legged Cats, The (unknown country)
Three Nails (USA)
Three Thirteen (unknown country)
Threefold (unknown country)
Thresh (unknown country)
Thresher (unknown country)
Thriftshop Junkies, The (USA)
Throes, The (unknown country)
Through and Through (Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada)
Through it All (USA)
Through the Eyes of Katelyn (USA)
Pam Thum (unknown country)
Thumbscrew (USA)
Thundara (Pennsylvania, USA)
Thunderball Fist (unknown country)
Thunderbucket (USA)
Thy Pain (USA)
Thymikon (USA)
Ticklepenny Corner (USA)
Tiim (unknown country)
Til Seven Years Pass Over Him (USA)
Tiles (unknown country)
Time & Again (unknown country)
Time Spent Burning (unknown country)
Timescape (Sweden)
Tinman Jones (USA)
Tinnitus (Finland)
Titanic (USA)
TMA-2 (unknown country)
Too Bad Eugene (unknown country)
Too Beautiful To Die (Warrensburg, Missouri, USA)
Torman Maxt (Fort Meyers, Florida, USA)
Torn (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada)
Torn Flesh (unknown country)
Torn in Two (unknown country)
Torn Skin (unknown country)
Torn Veil (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Tortured Conscience (Pacifica, California, USA)
Totalstrejk (Sweden)
Touch the Robe (Waymart, Pennsylvania, USA)
Tourniquet (USA)
Tower of Hundred (USA)
Towne Cryer (unknown country)
Toxic Church (unknown country)
Tragedy Ann (USA)
Tragedy of the Wicked (USA)
Trailer Park Heroes (unknown country)
Traindodge (unknown country)
Training for Utopia (USA)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (USA)
Transcendus (Indonesia)
Transformers, The (unknown country)
Transforming Apollo (unknown country)
Translucid (unknown country)
Trauma (California, USA)
Travail (USA)
Travelogue (unknown country)
Traxter (unknown country)
TRB (unknown country)
Treasure Seeker (unknown country)
Tree63 (unknown country)
Triade (Argentina)
Tribal Rites (Brazil)
Tribe of Dan (unknown country)
Tribus (USA)
Tricolor (unknown country)
Trigger Finger (Texas, USA)
Triggerfuse (unknown country)
Trino (Brazil)
Trio of One (unknown country)
Trip. (unknown country)
Troglodyte Dawn (USA)
True Colour of Blood (USA)
Trump Mother Jones (unknown country)
Truth Be Known (USA)
TruthBeKnown (USA)
Trytan (unknown country)
Tunnel Rats, The (USA)
Juliet Turner (unknown country)
Twelfth Night (United Kingdom)
Twin Sister (unknown country)
Twit/ch (USA)
Twitch (USA)
Two Pound Planet (USA)
Two Week Notice (unknown country)
twothirtyeight (USA)
twotimer (unknown country)
Tykküs (USA)
Typical Sloan (unknown country)
Tyrant (unknown country)
U.P. (USA)
U2 (unknown country)
Ulceration (unknown country)
Ultimatum (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
Ultrabeat (unknown country)
Umbrella (Moi, Norway)
Unafraid (Denmark)
Unashamed (USA)
Unbound (unknown country)
Unchained (USA)
Uncondemned (USA)
Undecided (USA)
Undecided, The (Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada)
Under Command (unknown country)
Under Midnight (unknown country)
Underage (unknown country)
Undercover (USA)
Underdog Conspiracy, The (Independence, Missouri, USA)
Undermind (unknown country)
Underoath (Clearwater, Florida, USA)
Undish (Poland)
Unevil Hopes (unknown country)
Unfisted (Florida, USA)
Unforsaken, The (USA)
União (Brazil)
Unified Front (unknown country)
Unified One (Kansas, USA)
Uniglory (unknown country)
Union (unknown country)
Unity Klan (unknown country)
Unknown Soldier (USA)
Unknown, The (unknown country)
Unleashed Power (USA)
Unshaken (Texas, USA)
Untold Dream (unknown country)
Untombed (unknown country)
unVeiled (unknown country)
Unveiled (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Unwed Sailor (USA)
Unwind (Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, USA)
Up on Sunday (unknown country)
Uphold (unknown country)
Uplifted (Nevada, USA)
Upperhand (California, USA)
Upside Down Room (USA)
Urban Edge (USA)
Usynlig Tumult (Ukraine)
Uthanda (unknown country)
Jared Utterback (unknown country)
Uttermost (Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA)
V.I.P. (unknown country)
Vaakevandring (Norway)
Vagabond 12 (South Carolina, USA)
Valediction (unknown country)
Valiant (unknown country)
Valor (USA)
Value Pac (USA)
Vanished, The (Texas, USA)
Vardøger (Norway)
Various Artists (unknown country)
Robert Vaughn (unknown country)
Vector (USA)
Veer Chasm (unknown country)
Veil (unknown country)
Veil of Ashes (unknown country)
Velocipede (unknown country)
Velour (unknown country)
Velour 100 (unknown country)
Vengeance (USA)
Vengeance Rising (USA)
Veni Domine (Sweden)
Venia (Helsinki, Finland)
Veronica (unknown country)
Versus (unknown country)
Versus (unknown country)
Vessel (unknown country) (hardcore band)
Vessel (unknown country)
Vigilantes of Love (unknown country)
Vigilantes, The (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Villanelle (USA)
Vincent (unknown country)
Vindication (unknown country)
Vine (USA)
Violet Burning, The (USA)
Virgin Black (Australia)
Virus (unknown country)
Vision (unknown country)
Visionaire (Lynden, Washington, USA)
Visual Cliff (USA)
Vital Sign (unknown country)
Vitality (Norway)
Viva Voce (unknown country)
Vixivi (Norway)
Voice Industrie (unknown country)
Greg X. Volz (unknown country)
Vomitorial Corpulence (Melbourne, Australia)
Vomoth (Australia)
Vox Dei (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Voxis:Machina (unknown country)
Voyager (unknown country)
Vroom (unknown country)
Vroom x2 (unknown country)
VU (unknown country)
Vulgata (Brazil)
Völlig Heilig (Brazil)
W's, The (USA)
Waiting, The (USA)
Waking Ashland (Northridge, California, USA)
Walk, The (unknown country)
Rob Walker (unknown country)
Walking Tall (unknown country)
Walnut Street Project, The (unknown country)
Walter Eugenes, The (unknown country)
Wannabees, The (unknown country)
War Blade (Brazil)
War Rocket Ajax (USA)
Chris Ward (unknown country)
Warlord (USA)
Warrior (unknown country)
Watashi Wa (USA)
Watchmen (unknown country)
Waters Run Red (Danville, Alabama, USA)
Waterstain (unknown country)
Way Sect Bloom (unknown country)
Way Sect Bloom, The (unknown country)
Wayside, The (unknown country)
We3kings (USA)
Wedding Party (USA)
Wednesdays, The (unknown country)
Welt Washer (unknown country)
When Tomorrow Doesn't Come (USA)
Brian White & Justice (unknown country)
White Heart (USA)
White Trash Inc. (unknown country)
Whitecross (USA)
Whitman's Mold (USA)
Wickeds End (unknown country)
Wigtop (unknown country)
Wily Gurus (unknown country)
Winnowing Poets (unknown country)
Winter Solstice (Virginia, USA)
Winterkou (The Netherlands)
Wisdom Call (Sweden)
Wish (unknown country)
Wish for Eden (USA)
With Blood Comes Beauty (USA)
With Faith or Flames (USA)
Within (unknown country)
Without a Star (USA)
Withstand FTHC (USA)
Denison Witmer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Witness Protection Program, The (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Amy Wolter (unknown country)
Wonder in Blue (unknown country)
Wonderboy PHD (unknown country)
Wooky (unknown country)
World against World (USA)
World Inside, The (unknown country)
World Theatre (unknown country)
World Wide Message Tribe (unknown country)
Worldhate (Indonesia)
Worm (unknown country)
Worship Factory (Finland)
Wrench (USA)
Paul Wright (USA)
Writ on Water (unknown country)
Wust Volk (Grass Lake, Michigan, USA)
Wyrick (USA)
Wyzards (unknown country)
X of Eden (USA)
X-Nilo (Alaska, USA)
X-Propogation (unknown country)
X-Sinner (USA)
X-Terra (Pennsylvania, USA)
Xalt (unknown country)
xDisciplex (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
xDisciplex A.D. (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
xLooking Forwardx (USA)
xnihilo (USA)
XQasi (Costa Rica)
XSidetrackedX (Oregon, USA)
XT (Sweden)
Yesterday's Hero (USA)
Yeti (Pinellas Park, Florida, USA)
Yonderboy (unknown country)
Youth Choir, The (USA)
Yum Yum Children (USA)
David Zaffiro (unknown country) (1)
Zao (USA)
Zaxas (unknown country)
Zeal (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Zealous (unknown country)
Zero (unknown country)
Zero Theory (unknown country)
Zeta (unknown country)
Zeteo (Lexington, North Carolina, USA)
Ziad (Kingston, New Jersey, USA)
Zion (USA)
Zion (Virginia, USA)
Zion Youth Group (unknown country)
Zippy Josh & the Rag Tag Band (USA)
Zombie Gutz (North Carolina, USA)
Zoo Babies (unknown country)
Zurisadai (Brazil)
Zuzu Baily (unknown country)
Zwerg (unknown country)
Zyllah (unknown country)